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Our Male Border Collies

Jiggs 2019.jpg
Jiggs pedigree is from seven generations of Billabong Border Collies bred exclusively for their excellent herding instincts.  He is our best obedience dog and used for demonstration in dozens of group training classes.  He always produces litters that are happy, easy to train, and love people if properly socialized.  Jiggs is line bred on two time International Wisp and many other excellent trial dogs.  Jiggs has his AKC titles in BN, RA, and CD.  All his trial scores have been placements with high scores.  Jiggs health testing includes OFA Hips Good, and CEA/MDR1 clear.  He is dual registered with AKC and ABCA. 
Click Image To Enlarge Jigg's Pedigree
Recent Litter Sired By Jiggs
Ned is from 6 generations of Billabong Border Collies.  His pedigree is full of well known and successful trial dogs...some include National Champion Pleat & International Champion Wisp. Ned has a Rally Novice (RN) obedience title and qualified for the Rally National Finals.  His health testing includes OFA Hips (good), CEA & MDR1 clear.
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Ned Receiving RN Title
Ned Standing For Picture
Ned Working Livestock
Ross is a son of our well known Tom.  He is a strong, stylish worker, with very proper grips when needed.  He has been an easy dog to train, he's friendly with people, dogs, cats...and is also a very correct and serious show obedience dog.  Ross is a black and white ruff coat.  His pedigree speaks for itself.  Ross is working on his Rally Novice obedience and Herding titles. Ross health testing includes OFA Hips Excellent, and CEA/MDR1 clear.  He is dual registered with AKC and ABCA. 
Click Image To Enlarge Ross Pedigree
ross abca.jpg
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