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Stock Dog and Herding Program

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This is an 8 week program, at my facility.  So, it is "board and train".  During your dogs stay, you will receive a video weekly of your dog working.  
Go to our YouTube page " Billabong K9 " to view our videos.  You can see exactly what and how I train. Cost for the full 8 weeks is  $2,200. Payable all up front or half up front, half at the end of training.

My Stock dog, herding program consists of teaching your dogs the commands you will need to do basic ranch and farm chores.  After the 8 week stock dog/ herding/ cattle dog/ sheep dog training program, your dog will be able to "comebye" and "away to me" around the stock, do a short correct outrun, drive at your side, lie down, stay, clean out a trailer or pen, and call off the stock. 
I can teach your herding dog commands specific to the needs of your farm or ranch operation, if time allows...such as watching a gate or bunk, longer outrun, or driving at a larger distance, work off a horse, etc
During the first 4 weeks of the 8 week Stock Dog, Herding Dog Training Program training is focused on advanced obedience; absolute response to commands needed by a herding dog, which involves very unusual situations; namely, faultless obedience while in the presence of livestock.  Your dog will be learning how to listen to commands while controlling the stock in calm or chaotic situations
The second 4 weeks of the 8 week of the Herding Dog, Stock Dog Training Program is focused on advanced herding skills -- beyond the basics, to "finish" your dog as a competent and capable stockdog and herding dog:  a dog comfortable in complex herding situations.
After the 8 week Herding Dog and Stock Dog Training Program, you will receive a one on one lesson to get a feel for your dog's commands.
When your dog gets home, your dog will be you best other words, you just need to go out and do some chores.  As an outcome of the 8 week stock dog training and herding training program you will have the control you need to handle any situation.  Just go do it and feel the thrill when your stock does what you want!  And yes, when you make a mistake your dog will let you know...after all he knows what to do, he's been trained. 

I train cattle dogs and sheep dogs year round, from SD, MN, IA, NE, MT, WY, CO...Please book early.  Vaccination requirements: Parvo, distemper, etc. Rabies, and Bordetella (kennel cough). We feed Purina Pro Plan performance dog food or you can bring your own food. 
We primarily train border collies, Australian Shepherds (Aussie), Australian cattle dogs (heelers), Kelpies, and crosses of these breeds.  
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