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Our Male German Shepherd Dogs

Yowie Von Eintze (Yowie)
Yowie:  Sire - Erri Z Blatenskeho Zamku WUSVX2 ScHH3 IPO3 FH1 SVV1. Dam - Bessi Erigo ZVV1. Yowie has his BH Schutzhund title...and will be competing in upcoming AKC trials.    OFA:  Hips Good, DM: Clear.
Yowie's Father
Yowie's Mother
Yowie is the son of famous Czech Male Erri Z Blatenskeho Zamku WUSVX2 ScHH3 IPO3 FH1 SVV1.  National champion Czech Republic in 2007 and two time qualifier for die Weltunion der Schaferhundvereine (WUSV)..Competition History Follows:
-2007 Czech National Champion & 2007 WUSV Competitor.
-2008 AWDF national championship.... Score 97-94-96 = 287...!! - Erri finishes 3rd.
-2008 WDA Nationals in New Jersey 96/95/91 = 282 - Erri finished 4th (High Obed. & 2nd alternate for 2008 WUSV.).
-2008 Mid East Regional Championship 98/96/96 = 290...!! - High Obedience and High protection...!!
-2008 USA national Championships 96/83/98 277 14th place" TIED FOR HIGH PROTECTION...!!
-2009 WUSV Krefeld Germany 95/87/96 27816th place.
-2009 USA GSD National Championship Davenport Iowa, 97/97/95 289 First place High protection.
-2009 Tennessee Schutzhund Club on 2/28/09 under WDA Judge Mike West... 97/96/100 293 High tracking, obedience, protection and trial.!!
-2009 USA WORKING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP First place! 99/97/97 293 High OB, High Protection, and High in trail.
-2010 USA WORKING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP GARDEN CITY, OHIO 97/99/94 290 First place and High obedience.
-2010 AWDF Indianapolis Indiana 96/97/99 292...!! Second place and high obedience.
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