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Dog Obedience Training Program

What Does Our Obedience Training Program Offer....
​Our professional dog obedience training is a one month "board and train" program.  This means that your dog will stay at our facility for the duration of training.  This is the best and most efficient form of dog training.  I do the work for you, your dog learns the rules, and then you just step in and enjoy the rewards!
During your dogs stay you will receive a video of your dog working weekly.   

Check out our YouTube channel " Billabong K9 " to see exactly how and what we train.

  Training costs $1600 for the whole month. Payable all up front or half up front, half at the end of training. 

What Are The Eligibility Requirements....
All dogs must be at least 6 months old and have current documentation of vaccinations.  A copy of your dog's vet records must be presented prior to training and include; distemper combination, rabies, and bordetella (kennel cough).  This information can easily be provided by contacting your vet.  We feed Purina Pro Plan Performance dog food or you can bring your own.
  We train all herding breeds, Border collies, Australian shepherds, Mini Aussies, Australian cattle dogs, kelpies, shetland sheepdogs, german shepherds, etc.
What Training Will My Dog Receive....
Your dog will be trained to sit, down, heel, stay, and come willingly and happily, on or off leash.  I work with your dog in all kinds of situations similar to what they will deal with when finally back at home.  Desensitizing and training through all kinds of distractions, people, animals, loud noises, touching, crowding, etc. Through immersion of all kinds of situations and distractions.  Obedience will be in place when you need it most in any situation.
During Your Dogs Stay....
​At drop off time you will receive an illustrated booklet written by me explaining your dogs commands and training.  Once per week you will get a short video sent via email of your dog at work.  It is a great way to see your dogs progress through the 4 weeks and can be shared easily with friends and family.
Your dog will reside in my temperature controlled facility which is directly attached to my home.   Dogs are handled exclusively by me throughout the day. All work and no play isn't our training strategy... When on a training break, social skills and exercise with other dogs is important.  Your dog will be able to socialize with other dogs, learning important "social skills" in a safe and fun environment.   Your dog will be fed once or twice a day (depending on your feeding schedule). You can provide your own food or use our food (Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete)  $ 40 extra/ month.
After Training Is Complete....
​ At the end of the Professional Dog Obedience Training Program, I work with you, your family, and your dog. You will be shown the new commands your dog knows and how to "speak" to your dog to get the best results.  These training sessions usually last 1 - 2 hours and are conducted at our facility or an alternate location based on your location.
Collar Conditioning....
Training using an E-collar for reliable off lead control at long distances and heavy distractions is recommended for some dogs.  I only do this form of training after a dog has a good understanding of basic commands learned in my one month program.  Collar Conditioning is very beneficial for that little extra perfection when training must be at its best.  This can be added into the one month program during the last 2 weeks of training at an additional cost.
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